Investment Philosophy

ACM selects the companies to present to investors with a different set of criteria. We identify emerging growth companies (which are many times pre-revenue) with the best ideas, not limiting ourselves to a specific industry or trend. The due diligence process focuses as much on the entrepreneur as the product. We invest alongside people we can trust, who demonstrate a true passion for what they have created and who believe that failure is not an option.

In return ACM strives to build a reputation for fairness, accountability, knowledge and creative thinking. We pledge objective, thoughtful counsel with the goal of becoming a trusted advisor and a financial partner committed to providing the financial resources necessary to meet growth objectives.

This philosophy has resulted in a network of entrepreneurs, advisors, board members and investors who act as a referral source to the best opportunities.

Success breeds success; passion finds passion; your reputation precedes you.

Investment Strategy

We believe the greatest percentage returns occur in the early stage of a company’s life cycle, therefore ACM has many times been the first outside capital invested. Our initial investment in a company ranges from $500,000 up to $5 million with a maximum total investment of up to $10 million. This amount is significantly greater than most funds that prefer to do syndicated capital rounds. This strategy gives ACM significant influence from the onset and provides significant rights to follow-on offerings.

We prefer to lead a capital round, thereby setting the terms and do not require other outside investors to be involved. These characteristics, are again, much different from most funds. Last we believe that a more focused portfolio with significant ownership (and influence) will result in superior returns over the long-term.

If this strategy resonates with you we invite you to review the Investor Suitability section for further information.

The best opportunities are not advertised.

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